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LEGO Race Car On-Site Field Trip

Student engineers learn about simple machines and their real-world applications. Teams of two students work together to a build a “4 in 1 LEGO car” and then run a series of experiments to test various engineering and STEM theories and concepts. The skills and traits of the engineering profession are discussed and incorporated. This On-Site Field Trip

consists of 60 minutes of instruction. Using our Teacher Guide, you will teach this and the material can be easily adjusted according to students’ age and/or grade levels.  At the end of the building process, the students race their cars.

Students build the “4 in 1 LEGO car” as a Friction Car, Gravity Car, Push Car, and Pullback Motor Car.

Concepts Covered:

  • Simple Machines – Wheels, Axles,  Incline Plane, Friction 
  • Integrated Problem Solving
  • Communication Skills
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Interpreting Visual Instruction 2D to 3D
  • Familiarize students with real life engineering concepts and vocabulary
  • Build a model exemplifying use of wheels and axles
  • Extrapolate this model to real world uses


  • Students work in pairs using a pullback car kit.
  • Utilizes 21st Century skills to teach S.T.E.M. concepts
  • Classroom teacher must be present & parent volunteers are encouraged
  • We provide training for your Instructor
  • A room with space to build and compete is required. Flat tables or floors are appropriate for building, no sloped desks!
  • A cafeteria, gymnasium, media center or a large class room with wide space or an adjacent hallway is preferred.

Suggested Grade Range: Pre-K thru 8th Grade

What do you get?
You get everything stated in the flyer page above, and you also get a FREE Teacher Guide and Instructor Notes.

Who teaches this?

You do. We only charge $8 per student.
Do you still have questions?
If you have completely read the flyer above, and you still have questions, by all means, please call me at 616-828-2288 (EST).  My name is Dave Stackpole, and I am looking forward to your call.

Purchase Process
Please figure out how many cars that you want to purchase. When you know that number, then please contact Dave Stackpole at 616-828-2288 or . 

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