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What others have said about AAL Programs.....

"The LEGO Engineering Camp was an exceptional course! The instructor created a
great learning opportunity to study complex physics and math concepts in a play
environment - perfect for our son who "learns by doing."  The opportunity to apply
the physics (and the math and science behind it!) by building machines with pulleys
and gears made learning the concepts "child`s play!" What fun! I wish a course like
this was offered when I was growing up! Lego Engineering I just wet my son`s
appetite - he was excited to return for more in Lego Engineering II! He is already
looking forward to the Robotics Courses! - Jane P. and Tom B.

"Excellent class! My son loved it. Great learning experience. I like the way it taught
my son to think. To take what he had learned, design a robot, build it, test it and
then improve on the original design. Would recommend it to all students. Just need
more classes like this." - Ron O.

"My son really enjoyed going to class. He learned a lot and had fun. We liked that he
was excited about going to class. He also talked about it and planned outside of
class for Robotics. He was motivated. The classes are very worthwhile. The price is
reasonable. The kids learn to do amazing things!"  - Cindi & Don D.

"It was a wonderful experience for my daughter. It shows practical applications for
what they are learning. It`s fascinating, well taught, and a great preparation for their
further education. Fun too!" - Kathie B.

"My son was excited to attend class. Excellent class for kids interested in science." -
Melissa S.

"I liked the amount of info my son retained because it was/is applicable and the
"real" engineering knowledge - gear ratios, levers, load, effort... Please keep us
informed on all LEGO classes and competitions. We`re interested in repeating,
advancing, and sharing the schedule. Definitely worth the time and money!" - Juliet

"Great class - I would recommend parents to enroll their kids! It was learning applied
in a `Play Atmosphere`. Every day my son shared what he learned. Great way to
learn physics & math skills in a fun environment. Kids won`t even know they`re
learning! The instructor loves doing this and instills enthusiasm in your child!
Parents should definitely consider this class for their children." - Jane P.

"I liked that my son learned concepts while doing something he enjoys. It is very
worthwhile - educational while being fun. He learned things I don`t recall having
learned in school. I like that the Engineering II class continues to build on the
concepts they have already learned in the previous class. They are learning
concepts and applying them in a fun way. I have already told other parents and
teachers that this is a very impressive program. I would highly recommend the whole
series of classes" - Sonya C.

"I liked the hands on learning.  Our son is a visual learner so finding classes that
accommodate that is difficult." - Dawn F.

"It is a very good class. Very educational. The kids learn through play. I enjoyed the
instructor going over the things the kids learned in class when the parents got there.
What a great class it is. The kids really learn lots. They are excited about going to
class & learning things they apply in everyday situations." - Robert & Yolanda S.

"My daughter really liked it. Very thorough - studied complex things on a kids level.
Very goal/project based. That is the end result of each project is a fun, working
project. Great program! Well worth the money." - Dolly C.

"The instructor made the subject matter easy to understand, yet sufficiently
challenging. The practical applications fixed the ideas in the students minds. Very
hands on, interactive and challenges the student. And FUN! This is a great class for
kids who love LEGOs and are looking for an academic challenge.  Great instruction,
fun application—well worth the cost." - Kyle and Tammy A.

"My son said "Dad, doing robotics with LEGOs is way more fun and exciting than
playing GameBoy" and this is coming from a GameBoy master! The instructor`s style
of continually asking "Why did this happen? What would cause this or that to
happen? What do you want it to do?"  etc. is a great technique to help the kids
learn." Thank You! - Eric W.

"It stimulated their minds and gave them terminology for things they already notice.
They learned new concepts with LEGOs which added to the fun. It`s just what we`ve
wanted!" - Lynne S.

"Challenging and Fun. My boys had a great time. They were excited to go each day
and looked forward to each new challenge" - Kristin H.

"I liked the small class size, the organization of the materials, and the instructors
ability to work well with students. I would highly recommend it to other parents,
especially home school moms who don`t feel a strength in science and engineering.
My son said he was challenged with the materials presented, but was glad to learn!"
- Lisa M.

"My son was enthusiastic to come to class. The teacher was knowledgeable and
experienced. I`d recommend other parents sign up their child if they have an
interest" - Robin S.

"I liked the hands on teaching technique and creativity. It is a great class - great
teacher. The kids weren`t just given the answers. They were constantly asked to
think things through. I would highly recommend the class." - Laurie W.

"I could see that the boys wheels were really turning as we would leave thinking
ahead about the next day`s challenge. Incredible! Thank You!" - James & Lisa F.

"I liked everything. The instructor knows how to work with children and seems to care
about them. The instructor knows the content, teaches well, and provides hands-on
exercises and positive feedback. If your child has a bent toward machinery or
building things, or is a thinker, take them (him or her) to this class. Thank You for
teaching this class! My children have really had a blast." - Stacey B.

"I have already told many moms and grandmas! My son has gone into great detail
about the specifics of the class to many kids and adults! I liked that the class is
hands on. The review and repetition really helped my son to get the vocabulary
down. Thank you for the establishment of rules - as well as responsibility of the kids
to pick up the LEGOs. I feel this class was a great mix of verbal interaction & hands-
on learning. I was amazed at how well the kids & instructor were able to discuss the
subject matter. Great vocabulary building class (even for mom)! I would highly
recommend it to parents who have kids who are "in" to this level of thinking! My son
thoroughly enjoyed it. It has expanded the "horizons" of the whole family! Thank
you!" - Lisa & Sean M.

"I liked the combination of play and learning. It empowers the kids and gives them a
sense of achievement. It`s a great outlet for "little engineers" applied science! Great
Job!" - Andrea C.

"You`ve kept my son challenged and interested - that`s hard to do! If your kid likes
technology - sign up for this." - Jim J.

"I liked the amount of things that the kids could build and the pace at which the
course was taught. I thought the class was fun and educational. The lessons were
challenging and required creative solutions." - Akshay B.

"I liked the instructor`s knowledge and ability to make math and engineering so much
fun. It is worth the drive, money, and effort to get this type of instruction." - Juliet P.

"My son has commented daily how amazing the class has been, how much he has
learned and how much he is looking forward to `Robotics`! He very much enjoyed the
instructor who appears to challenge the students, allow them to problem solve and
think through a variety of issues and challenges on their own, and offer suggestions
and ideas at just the right time." - Jan K.

"I highly recommend this class - it instills complex engineering principles that the
students will have all through their lives with challenging hands-on examples. I liked
that the proper names of engineering concepts were used. The hands-on, tangible
experiments were very challenging. The competitions were fun and caused students
to consider designs." - Patty B.

"Get into these classes ASAP. The instructor was great with the kids - balancing
knowledge/skill and fun. Thanks for bringing your skills, knowledge, and personality
to these kids to make LEGOs come alive. If they stick with it, they`ll ACE statistics &
dynamics in college! - Eric W.